Monday, August 7, 2017

August 2017 part 2

Well that didn't take long did it.

Just a quick note that Soundbooth Theater Live is doing requests. They will read snippets of stories voted on by the followers of the page. My next series Apocalypse Gates is on the list to be voted on, so please stop by and add your vote. this way everyone can enjoy Jeff Hayes', rendition of the first chapter.

Another note that I started a Facebook page for my author persona. I will update there more regularly then the once a month here. So feel free to come on by.

August 2017

Here we are again, a new month, with a new blog post.

Sadly this time there isn't a lot of action for me to fill you in on. 😔

First up Alpha World 3: Alpha Company is being edited. About half way through at the moment. Should hopefully get it to beta readers in early September. If that happens should have a late September release date.

Next we have Apocalypse Gates: Rapture, it is queued behind AW3 to be edited. I got the issue with it fixed and it will be released after AW3. I had a few people alpha read it for me, before the edit to make sure the story stayed on track this time. So a thank you to the three people who did so, Eden Redd another author who writes good books of an adult nature. Gabe Patton, another LITRPG author who has written the Office Wars series. Last but maybe not least Felicity my twitter dealer. Thank you, you three for your help.

Podium recorded my short 50 page story and has it up on a third party site to listen to. You do need to register to use the site, but it is there. here is the link:

The short was posted as an text to my Patreon page, incase you don't want to sign up to the audio site and listen to it. Speaking of Patreon, my big support there has paid for the short story of Lilith's background. It will be posted up on the Patreon page for my supports on the 15th of August. He has requested a short for Bob next month, which I am finishing up today. Once the month is over he will get it then it should post to Patreon next month.

Next up we have the expected release date for Last Horizon: Live up on Audiable on 8-25-17. Which means it should be up for pre-order next week or so. I will post an update once I know it's there for you all.

Once I finish off the short for Bob the Mighty, I will be diving into AW4. AW4 is going to start off with an epic adventure. Don't want to give anything away since it gets mentioned in book 3. I will say though that all those friends Alburet has made will be tapped in book 4 to help him out.

Podium has the text for book 2 and should be recording it as I type. Once I get a date from them I will of course update you here.

That about wraps up the update for the month. Patreon has two chapters out this month, the first chapter of AW3, and the first chapter of Apocalypse Gates. I doubled up this month as a thank you to all the awesome people who are supporting me.

Peace out,
DJ Schinhofen