Thursday, June 7, 2018

June 2018

Welcome back folks, not sure how much we have to talk about but let's dive in, shall we.

Firstly Apocalypse Gates 2: Valley of Death is with the beta readers right now. Looks like a July 1st release on that, barring unexpected issues happen. The beta readers have been enjoying the book, so it makes me think you all will enjoy it as well. A side note, there is only going to be the Author's Cut edition going forward. The PG-16 version did abysmally and it comes really close to breaking ToS with Amazon, so I have to discontinue it.

Secondly is Audio. Podium tells me AW4 is June 19th but I don't have a preorder link to share yet. AG2 audio will start recording right around the time of release, Andrea Parsneau has agreed to come back aboard for continuing the narration, which I'm super excited about.

The editors are currently picking apart Binding Words, Morrigan's Bidding. The 1st book at least is decidedly shorted the my other books, at a little over 80k words opposed to the normal 100k+, but I think it got to a very nice stopping point and let it end there.

AW6 has been finished and is now under first revision pass by me. That normally takes 2 days, and then I will be moving on to the next project.

The next big project will be AG3, I'm super excited to continue this story and show you guys more of the world, and maybe even beyond it. So many things lined up for it. Can't wait to jump into it.

Before I dive into that though, I have a Patreon fan who is funding the big reward again, which means more short stories to come again. In talks with them now to find out which series and topic they would like, but if the pledge holds through the month then middle of next month should bring a nice short story for you all if you are a Patreon supporter.

I've also been trying to pin down artists for book covers and maybe some extra artwork. I've worked with some amazing artists, but getting scheduled in to get a cover out on time can be decidedly tricky. I'm going to be getting at least one artist to do covers for one series at least which will be done on time and exactly the way I want. The artwork might not be the highest of quality but I'm taking the trade off.

As I'm sure most of you know I'm full-time now for writing, which means I should be able to get a book out every 2 months, which is a step up from every 3+ months as it had been previously.

Live Chats on Facebook are going to happen with near every book release and with every 100 fans. The number of prizes will be reduced but as the Live Chats will happen regularly it means a good chance people will win things, so stop by during the streams, undecided still if it will be the week before with no spoilers, or the week following with spoilers, but I'll have to figure that out soon.

I think that about covers it all folks. Things are going to be busy, and I should be getting you books with a regular release schedule so you can all be looking forward to them.

P.S. Dragoncon later this year is a go, I have rooms and plane tickets all lined up already. So if your in the Atlanta area that weekend, you'll have a good chance of catching me to say hello.

And on the bombshell,
Until the next time.
Daniel Schinhofen