Saturday, December 1, 2018

December 2018

Welcome back to the monthly update. We have some stuff to cover so let's break it down for you all.

First off, Apocalypse Gates (Author's Cut) Book 3: Gearing up is now out.

The continued adventures of Alvin and Gothy, some of you have been chomping at the bit for the continuation of the series. As for audio, that is being worked on, and I'll throw up an update if its done before Janurary, but I would expect Janurary.

Also on the audio front, Alpha World 6: Path to Peace is ready for preorder and slated for Dec 11th release. If you've been waiting on it, go jump on the preorder wagon.

The fan page on Facebook had a couple of contests last month. I liked the Madlib one that was just done recently. I'm going to see about doing random contests periodically. Also the Live chats are going to be held once a month regardless of if we hit 100 new fans or not. I want to keep giving back to the fans. They will be held around the middle of the month on different days and times to try and get as many people as possible included. This months will be on the 14th @ 12pm PST.
On that same note, I'm holding one last spoiler live chat on the 8th. It will be my last spoiler live chat as the attendance for them is always much lower.

I recently had a radio interview with NPR's affiliate in Nevada. If you want to give the 10 minute interview a listen here is the link.

The editing side of things is in flux again, hopefully that will stabilize itself by the end of the month. If it does we might be able to go from every 2 months to 6 weeks, but that's still a wait and see.

Editors are working on Binding Words 2 right now. Alpha World 7 is waiting on them once they finish that. Before they finish BW2, I should have finished AG4 and handed that off to them as well.

AG4 is what I'm currently writing, and when you finish book 3 you'll know where they are and what is likely happening in book 4. I'm trying to conclude that whole arc into book 4, so it's a nice self contained story arc for the series, but we'll have to see. I'm pushing 80k on it at the moment and I still have a ways to go before I can get it to the end point I want.

Binding Words 2 current release date is looking like February 1st. If I hit that then Alpha World 7 should hit April Fools Day. Which would lead Apocalypse Gates 4 to be June 1st. But there is always hope things will move just a bit quicker.

Thanks for stopping by for the month, and I'll be back again in the New Year.
Daniel Schinhofen