Thursday, May 3, 2018

May 2018

Holy crap is it May already?

Wow, time flies. Between working the night job and writing I am surprised to find it already into the 5th month. However this month does bring us plenty of news so lets dive in, shall we.

Alpha World 5: Fractured Spirit is live, it went out on the 1st of May.

If you search for the title in your region you'll find it. I don't think Amazon's linked it to the series yet. It takes them awhile sometimes. I got it out almost a whole month faster then i had thought I would. The reason why, I'm trying to streamline the editing and beta reader process. If it works the way I hope I should be able to get you a book every other month. The next couple of books will tell me if its really possible or not.

Speaking of Alpha World, Podium has given me the date of June 19th for AW4 to hit Audible. If you've been waiting it's going to be a bit longer. They have the manuscript for AW5 so hopefully they can turn that one around sooner. They will have time to catch up though as AW6 is currently being written and I have two other books ahead of it in editing right now.

The next book out will be Apocalypse Gates 2: Valley of Death. I'm hoping for a July release but we shall see how the new process goes. I know a number of you have been waiting for more Alvin and Gothy. I just hope you like where they take the story.

Following that will be the first of a new series that I wanted to test the waters with. I'm still working on the series name but the first book is Morrigan's Behest. It is a reincarnation/portal fantasy book with an Overpowered Main Character. Depending on how well its received I hope to have it run for a bit as Alpha World is slowly coming to a close.

I'm currently writing AW6, it will have more hunting in it then the last couple of books as most of the deep character storylines are wrapping up in AW5. It won't change the tone much, but it does mean more action for those who enjoy that.

I hope to have some great news next month, but I need to wait and see how AW5 does first. I really hope you all enjoy it as much as you have the others. If it does really well... well, let's just say things can change for the better of everyone who likes my writing.

Just a few days back i did a 2-hour live stream on Facebook. it's over on the fan page if you want to check it out. I'm considering doing them for every 100 members, so another one will be coming at 600 fans. I give away prizes during the stream, tshirts, beta reader spots, audio codes, even a few cameo appearances where people die horribly in a book. Maybe you want to come join up if you haven't already.

Well, that should about wrap it up for the month. I'm seriously excited and hope to share more with you all in the coming month. If not for you, my fans, I wouldn't be able to even contemplate what might be. So, from the bottom of by being, THANK YOU!

Until next month, I hope you have a good time reading and living.
Daniel Schinhofen


  1. I read this horrified with the fact that that I won't be getting to my kindle for another few hours!! You just made this crappy day at work so much better!

  2. I can’t wait for Alpha World 6 and really interested to see how the series transitions into Delta World. Please don’t just kill it off!!!

  3. The guild should have all assassins in the guild take the kill quest and have a guild wide quest, to take all of the money from whomever put the bounty on the guild and put it towards the guild.

  4. Just re re re read apocalypse gates, probably my favorite survival/game book . I can wait for July, but I won't like it!