Monday, February 5, 2018

February 2018

Hello all and welcome back again.

Okay so lots of little things to cover, I wonder how many I'll forget. So the big news was I had t-shirts printed up to resemble the ones given away by Gerald and Marysue in AW3. You have a chance to win them over on my Facebook Fan Page

Okay now the bad news about that tidbit. The company kind of screwed up my shirts. How I found out about this, my friend who I was giving a shirt to pointed it out to me. Originally the back of the shirt was supposed to read:
Alpha Company
Recruit First Wave

They forgot the 'Alpha Company' entirely, which was aggravating but I could overlook it. My friend pointed out though that the shirt doesn't say 'Recruit', nope it says, "Recuit'.
Which leaves me waiting for the company to respond to an email from me to see what steps we can take to fix this major issue.

Moving on past that, what else do i have to talk about? I launched an Omnibus version of Last Horizon. I'll be pulling the 2 separate books from KU and leaving just the omnibus up for that service. The original two will stay up as they are tied to the audio books. Further more, the Omnibus was given another editing pass, so its a lot cleaner.

Next let's talk about Facebook again, my Fan Page hit 300 members, which is amazing, thanks to all of you who are there. I'm running contest every 100 people who join. The 300 contest which is now ongoing, has prizes of shirts, which can change depending on above statements about the shirts, a free copy of AW4 when i publish it in March, or being part of the beta reading team. So if you aren't on the Facebook page and you would like one of those prizes go sign up today.
On top of that I'm looking into holding a Q&A for my fans and have a question post up on the Page as well. Once i settle on where to hold the Q&A I'll be letting twitter and Facebook know.

Big news is that beta reading for AW4 will be starting soon™. I plan to publish it in March, hopefully early March. Following AW4 should be AW5 and then AG2, with probably 3 months between each book.

I'm about halfway through writing AG2 right now. it's coming along and I'm trying to flesh out the MC and Gothy more during the early part of the book.

Let's hit Patreon next. I'm changing the way I handle Patreon, instead of 1 post a month, I'm going to 1 post a week. The downside to this is, that i will be pulling those posts before i publish the book they are attached to. I have to do that per Amazon's rules about content being published, if it's going to be in KU, and I want all my Books to be in KU for you all to be able to read without needing to buy.

I think that's all I have to go over this month, besides one more small tidbit. I'll be changing my monthly posts from the first Monday to the first Thursday of the month. This is due to my job changing my hours and days off. Until I go full time I'm still at the whim of my stable job.

Well, that's it folks, thanks for stopping by again and I'll see you next time.

Daniel Schinhofen


  1. Well AW4 be on audible around the same time as the book release or way later

  2. Months later at least. Podium will get the text file from me when i publish in March. They then have to set up for the narrator to do the recording, proof it, and more. It has traditionally been 3ish months after the book release that the audio comes out.
    They might try to time it coming out around the same time that AW5 is released in ebook format as well. But all of the audio for AW runs through Podium Publishing, it's out of my hands.

  3. Well I'm excited either way.... Thou I've spoiled myself with audio books xD so ill be waiting

  4. Just chain read all of your AW books. Looking forward to your 4th one. Good writing sir.

    1. Glad to hear you've enjoyed them, the good news for you is AW4 is right around the corner

  5. Just found and listend to all three AW books over the past three days got to say

  6. Its a great book probobly my fav in this genre

  7. The relationships between characters is the best part about these books

  8. I like how you kept it and adult form and not immature relationships but reality-based

  9. Keep up the good work looking forward to the audible version of book 4