Thursday, July 5, 2018

July 2018

A little late getting this out, I suck. I'll be switching back to the 1st of the month, instead of the first Thursday starting in August. With that said, let's jump right into the madness shall we?

Okay first things first, Audio update. Alpha World 4 is out on Audio, has been since June 19th, here is the US link;

Secondly about audio, Andrea is signed on for AG2, and is recording it this month, hopefully I'll have it out in late August for you all.
Thirdly for audio, I'm in talks with Andrea to do the narration of my next series, but if we do that she'll be running behind as she is booked until the end of the year. Popular narrators have busy schedules. We're firming up on her being the one for it, and she has already set aside time for AG3.

Okay now onto books:
Apocalypse Gates 2 (Author's Cut): Valley of Death is out, here are links.

It is doing well, not as well as Alpha World, but still okay. Please leave reviews once you've read it. And yes there is only the Author's Cut, the PG-16 edition is in violation of Amazon's ToS, so only Adult content going forward.

Next for books, the next one out is going to be Binding Words book 1: Morrigan's Bidding. It's the first of a new series that is part portal/part reincarnation. The world is ruled by the two queens Summer and Winter. it is slated for September, but I'll be at Dragon con so maybe it will come out before.

On that note, Let's talk conventions.
I'll be at Dragon Con this year. This is fucking huge, I'm not a people person, so this is a major step for me. I'll bring some shirts to give out to people. And will gladly talk to any fan who wants to chat at me, but please be aware if I'm distant it's not you, its me. I hope to see some of you there at least, and I'll be there for the entire con.

What else do we have, oh the website... yes I'm getting one made finally.  Which means there might be a store with things you can all buy. I still need to make physical copies of books, its something I need to look into still, but they are coming closer too.

The fan page on Facebook is going to be having a live chat the week after a book launch that will contain spoilers of the last book released, so if you've read it and have questions come on by. This one is July 7th at 1PM PST.

It looks like a book every two months is going to be doable. The editors haven't started a revolt yet, so it looks like a go. I'm still looking at the idea of every six weeks, but that isn't a thing, yet at least.

And on that bombshell, I hope you all have a good month, and I look forward to telling you more next month.


Almost forgot, the Patreon page has a super subscriber currently which means short stories are coming. One coming July 15th for supporters, and maybe for the next month or two if someone continues to fund the top tier.

And this time I mean it, see you in August.


  1. Mr.Schinhofen.
    you sir have me hooked and i am itching for alpha world 5 audiobook.

    please tell me you have a date from

    keep up the great work.

    1. Ryan,
      The book is in Podium's hands. I don't have an eta for it yet. When I do though I'll update the normal spots so everyone can know.

  2. thanks for the reply...your alpha world series is literally the only reason i have an audible account...just chomppin at the bit

  3. Sir,

    No word on AW6? I'm going slightly insane waiting! AG2 was decent, I liked the direction and theme of Rapture a bit better but it's all still epic. Also. Any chance of continuing on with Last Horizon?!

  4. Loving the audiobooks, also looking forward to number 5... I'll be buying extra credits as soon as it appears! Good luck with Dragon Con :)

  5. Just read AW5.... Can't wait for book 6 hope to hear an update on that at some point. In the recent months you have become one of my favorite authors. Thank you for the stories you bring to our world.

  6. @Alex Goforth Thank you, I hope you also like Binding Words.

    @Chris Simpson Podium tells me August.

    @Laura Hisel AW6 is currently slated for book November, but I'll see about getting books out faster

    1. Awesomeness... Looking forward to its release. And thank you for the update!

  7. Love your books! Have them all on audible and they all have 5 star reviews. Keep it up!