Sunday, January 1, 2023

January 2023

 We made it through the end of 2022...or did we? Time to wait and see how 2023 shapes up before we make that call. I'll be cautiously optimistic that 2023 will be a good year.

Let's jump in. First things first old news, well old for most of you, unless you only read the blog. Two audio books have come out since the last blog. Aether's Revival 5: Mages of Buldoun, and Bindign Words 8: Accorded Nobility. Links unde rthis section about audio books.
We've also handed off LV5 audio to ACX/Audible in the last day or will in the first day or two of this month. That gives us a projected, if ACX holds to their schedule, of LV5 audio coming out mid to late month.
Add in that this month I'll also be audio proofing BW9, and turning it in and we should see it out in audio I'd think early February. Unless ACX does funny no promises.
Accorded Nobility by Daniel Schinhofen - Audiobook -
Mages of Buldoun by Daniel Schinhofen - Audiobook -

Okay, let's just tap the last of the audio news before we press on with book news. Andie didn't get to AR6 before the end of the year. With ACX being the unreliable partner they are, I asked Andie to not try jamming AR6 in before her holidays. She will be getting to it in February, which means a likely March release for it.

Now onto book stuff. AR6: Magi Guard did well. Thank you to everyone who has continued to enjoy the story. I know the departure of Book 6 might have shocked some even though it was known about well in advance. I just hope you all stick with me into Book 7, when Gregory tackles his Adept posting.

That's not the big news for this month though, no, the big news is a new series starting up. Antecedent's Legacy is my Sci-Fantasy series that blends fantasy with sci-fi, but hand-wavium sci-fi of nanotech and AIs. I'll actually be doing a preorder for this before it gets published. No more than a week before and maybe as short as three days before.
I can only do this because I'm ahead of schedule for once. It feels nice having a bit of a buffer, and I hope to keep the buffer going forward, but time will tell.

Antecedent's Legacy will be taking over the slot for Dungeon Walkers. I'll be setting down Dungeon Walkers with book 4 which will publish after AL1. Sales dropped off precipitously for book 3, and instead of just leaving the series open, I'm wrapping things up softly in book 4. I personally hate series left without any kind of conclusion, so book 4 gives at least a soft ending to it, but leaves me the option to go back to it in the future if I wish to. Not sure it'll ever happen, but having that option is nice.

For those wondering what the schedule looks like for this year let me break it down by series intials and numbers: AL1, DW4, LV6, BW10, AR7, AL2, LV7....possibly BW11, as 7-8 books a year is my normal at this point so BW11 is a maybe before the year ends. Now of course, that is predicated on everything going smoothly for the year, so let's hope for that.

One more small note on audio here, Andie will be doing the recording for Antecedent's Legacy. She'll be doing it in February or March, which will catch her up to me as Stephanie Savanah is doing DW4. That will mean by mid-2023 we should be waiting for the audio before I publish another book. For all of my audiophiles, rejoice that we will catch up.

That should be everything, except for the monthly live chat on Twitch. This month will be the 15th at 10AM Pacific time. A Sunday morning stream, maybe we'll break records for people attending. Remember I give away the challenge coins to random winners each live chat, so if you want to try getting one you need to attend.

See you all in February, stay safe out there.

Daniel Schinhofen


  1. I'm going to be a bit sad, only one Aether's Rebirth book in 2023. That is by far my favorite series from you Daniel. I think its because you have done so well making Gregory a relatable character. Yes, he's often a bit too powerful, and his lack of failure since book 2 when Jenn beat him could be seen as a problem, but he's still a nice humble man with a good heart. It makes him easy to read about.

    I'm watching for Antecedant's Legacy. I read the one chapter available on your Patreon, and it was interesting. I can't really say more without reading the full book.

    I'm sorry that Dungeon Walkers became another series that you had to retire due to poor sales. At the same time I have to beg forgiveness as I never purchased book 2 or 3. I just didn't find it as engaging as your other series.

    And someday I'll manage to be online during one of your live chats and win a challenge coin. :P Until then I'll just keep anticipating your new entries in the Luck's Voice, Binding Words and Aether's Rebirth series.

    Happy writing.

  2. Not knowing exactly when the pre-order is going live I tried to search for the new series and arrived at another book that basically has the same title minus the " 's " Hope this doesn't throw your plans for the series for a loop.

  3. Antecedents Legacy was flipping amazing!