Tuesday, March 1, 2022

March 2022

 Hey, we made it through February. Even if war has broken out in some parts of the world.

Okay so let's cover the news of books. Well first off, we didn't publish a book since the last blog, so nothing big to drop on you on that front. Which is bad, but also mean that the next book is coming that much sooner now.

The next book of course is Binding Words 8: Accorded Nobility. It's projected release date says April 1st. I know some of you have worried it is an April Fool's joke. Don't worry it's not. I can say the book will be out before April 1st, but I'm not sure how much earlier yet. My beta readers have enjoyed the book, so I have high hopes for you all enjoying it too. My proofer has to get through it, then it has to be compiled, and gone through for one final pass. So sometime this month it will be published. Probably later in the month, so don't start whacking F5 for a bit.

Now some of you are already thinking, well what comes next. The answer is Aether's Revival 5: Title to be determined. I started on writing it not too long ago, but I think it's a great book so far, yes, I'm biased. There's going to be tears in the book, possibly some laughs, and maybe some WTFs.

As for audio, because I know I have some audio only fans. Podium hasn't given me a firm date for AG8 yet. As soon as they do, I'll spread it around to all of you. They should get me a date in the near future, I hope. Now for those of us who adore Andie, she should be working on AR4 in March. She's finishing up one of Will's books right now, then has another book for an author that's been waiting far longer than mine. Then she'll be recording AR4. I believe once she hits AR4, she hits another one or two smaller books, then might hit another of mine again. But not positive, her schedule is hers. Do not bug her for more, she will get to them, and I think we'd all love to keep hearing her very talented voice producing the quality we've grown accustomed to.

In other news there are Luck's Voice shirts up for sale in the store. As always limited numbers and sizes, so if you really want one grab them quick. All of my shirts are single prints only. I don't make money on them folks, I make them for the diehard fans who absolutely want a piece of merch, that's all.

Staying with other news, the Live Chats have left Facebook. We'll be doing them on Twitch then sending the video to Youtube after a day or three. The number of problems from viewers was drastically cut down by the switch over, and we nearly doubled my highest view count during the first one. Twitch Mobile can be a bit...laggy at times so it's not perfect either, but it looked better overall.

The next live chat is going to be March 15th at 12Pm PDT. Let me help some that's 3 PM EST, or 8 PM UTC. And the one in April will be held on April 15th, aka Good Friday, at 8 PM PDT- 11 PM EST, or 4 AM UTC on the 16th. The Live chats are one of the few ways to grab a challenge coin. All you have to do is pop in, chat with us, and give me something to talk about, if you do, then your name goes in the random drawing list. Not a guarantee, but normally you end up with a 5%-10% chance to win.

I think that's it for the month. Next month I'll be able to post links of BW8 and talk about its release so that'll be nice. You know if we don't have a world war by then. I'll post links to other places to find me below.

Stay safe, the world hasn't stopped playing silly buggers yet,

Daniel Schinhofen

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  1. Do you have q link for your YouTube or is it not made yet?

  2. @ Daniel,

    I am writing to mention that I think I caught a mistake in Binding Words 8: Accorded Nobility. Not sure if you can get it fixed since I have no clue how such things works but mayhap for any future audiobooks.

    Well anyhow, its fairly early on before they set out for Accord.
    In conversation between Sean and I think Mage Eyes husband Bloodheart, upon the subject of Sean's special type of mithril armour Bloodheart asks if he could possibly get a set. He is told that if he gets the materials and comes by the next day Sean will see what can be done, or something like that.

    Thing is that seems to be forgotten about and doesn't happen. Maybe that will occur later in the book but as of chapter 18 no armour for Bloodheart and I think Mage Eyes and he left for Accord.

    Maybe as I said that will be gotten to later on but I figured I'd mention it now so I don't forget to later if this actually is a blooper.

    1. Not everything happens on screen. There are moments where it easily could have happened without it being shown.

    2. Ah okay, I was thinking maybe you would use it as a friendly crafting, bonding and character development scene between the MC and Bloodheart same as with Winston. I guess some stuff needs to be skipped to cut down on book length.

      I just finished reading BW8 and I can honestly say that the only thing I disliked was the brevity or curtailment of parts of the story, the fading to black with mayhap a lack of description so I as the reader could build a mental picture of things.

      Well I look forward to find out what happens next and how Sean goes about planting his Adamantine companion on Truestrike's skull.

  3. Accorded Nobility to me was the perfect book for this series. Book 8 tied up loose ends in Hearthglen, started a new narrative, in a new city, with updated purpose, and new family dynamic. Daniel keep it up, I see so many directions this story can go, I look forward to see where you take it. Can't for books in other series. Again love your work!