Friday, July 1, 2022

July 2022

 Time flies and yet also crawls along. A weird thing, time. I swear it was just the beginning of the year, and at the same time it's already July. Ah well, let's dig into this month's news.

Let's kick off with what is coming up this month. First off on July 8th-ish I'll be publishing Dungeon Walkers 3. The continuation of Pawsitively Irregular's journey to dungeon dive, pull shards, and grow together. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. The people who had the preview chapters on Patreon seemed to enjoy it.
I'm still a bit worried for the series with the change of narrator as well. Stephanie Savana is stepping in to fill the void left by Travis. I'm sure this will be even more jarring than the last time it happened in one of my series. But I have high hopes for Stephanie.

In other audio news. LV3 is with ACX waiting on them to give it to all of you. Should be early to mid-month for it to be alive. As if that's not enough I should be getting the audio to proof for LV4 in the coming weeks too, so we might see LV4 audio drop by end of the month of early August.
Andie did an amazing job, as always. I'm sure those who've enjoyed the first two books will continue to love the audio for books 3 and 4.

Staying with Luck's Voice news, I'm currently writing Luck's Voice 5: Luck's Holdings. Doc has been up to quite a bit in this book, but there's not a lot of fast-paced action. Shouldn't be surprising as they were leaving Deep Gulch for Furden at the end of the last book. Should be a fun read for you all. PAtreon will start seeing preview chapters of it just after DW3 goes live.

I should mention a meet and greet taking place in Atlanta on September 1st. It's not a DragonCon event even through that is DragonCon weekend. It's a closed event only for those who sign up for it. It's being held at the Medieval Times, so it's dinner and a show. To sign up all you have to do is message me on Facebook or Discord, as it requires your name, dietary restrictions, and a way to contact you in case things go FUBAR. I hope to see as many of you who can make it. I'll sign any books you bring to me, and I hope to have something to giveaway as well.

I think that about covers it all. For those who are wondering what comes after LV5, well the rotation stays on track. BW-AR-DW-LV, is the rotation, and should be the rotation going forward.

Have a good summer and try to stay safe out there.

Daniel Schinhofen


  1. Can't wait for DW3. Just finished a reread of alpha world a few weeks ago so talk about timing! As always keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the updates. Looking forward to reading all of DW3; not just the preview chapters :)

  3. Pickup and finished DW3 great book and I can't wait for the audiobook to come out even with the voice actor change. Kinda nitpicking but anyway to get DW3 to be part of the series on Kindle? Some reason it's on its own and not with the other 2 books