Wednesday, June 1, 2022

June 2022

 May has finally ended, thank fucking gods. Sorry, but May was a bad month for me on a personal level. Girlfriend health problems, cat dying, another cat nearly dying...yeah, wasn't a fan. But that's not why you're here, so let's jump into book stuff.

May had the release of Aether's Revival 5: Mages of Buldoun. It was well received, and I'm grateful to you all. The story had some twists and turns, some happy moments and some sad. I really love writing about Gregory and his family and friends. They always want to tell me exactly what's going on with them. If you haven't picked the book up yet, here's the link. Mages of Buldoun (Aether's Revival Book 5) eBook : Schinhofen, Daniel: Kindle Store

That means our next book to come out will be Dungeon Walkers 3. Good and bad on this front, let's cover the good first. The book should be out in Early July. I've finished writing it and my editors are working hard on it. Bad news...Travis Baldree the narrator asked to step away from the series. That hurts as changing narrators is never good for a series. Mountain Dale Press is now looking for a new narrator. I have a lot of hope, but it's unknown who will be picking up the series yet. No matter who it is, I'm sure it'll be jarring to transition from book 2 to 3.

That news does roughly, and badly, transition us to other narration news. Andie has finished recording of Luck's Voice 3. It'll go through her proofer, then come to me to check, then corrections have to be done. But it does seem likely that the audio book might be out in July. Time will tell, but it seems likely. Unlikely would mean it comes out late June, so I'd look for July.

The next audio that Andie will record for me will be Binding Words 8. But that is after a few others she has on deck. But still we're slowly getting closer to being caught up on audio books, so rejoice.

Now as for what I'm working on right now. The answer is easy, Luck's Voice 5. I just picked it up the other day, but it's going to fly. Doc and family are now out of Deep Gulch and on to new places. I have some important things to get to, to help flesh the world out a little bit more. I can't wait to dig into it.

I think that covers all the news about books and audio. I'll be posting various social media links below to make it easier for you to find Discord, Facebook, Twitter, or Patreon. I'd also like to remind people to stop in and leave reviews. Not just for me but for any book you read, especially indie authors. Every review matters for us non-traditional writers. So please take a few moments and drop a review.

See you in July...I hope.

Daniel Schinhofen


  1. I feel you, May was a bad month for most people, both in America and the World. We can only hope June is much better.

    Look forward to DW.

  2. I enjoyed AR5, I was worried about how the changes were going to play out but it turned out being a great read. I hope things turn around for you on the personal front now that we are out of May.

  3. I really enjoyed AR5 and I'm looking forward to DW3 and of course to the next book of BW, my absolute favorite. Hope June gives you a better time than last month and hope your girlfriend is feeling better.