Sunday, March 1, 2020

March 2020

Good gods, I must be loosing time or something, because it's March already. Even the leap year didn't seem to help February seem to last longer. Okay let's get to the news, that's why you all come to read this blog after all.

So the big news of the month is the release of Aether's Blessing. It is the first book of the Aether's Revival series. This is the cultivation/magic academy series I had been working on. I'm really stoked about it, and hope that you all enjoy it as much as I do.
Aether's Blessing

Next book up will be AG6: Can of Worms. The cover is done, and I'll be looking forward to showing it off in the future. I loved the book, and all the shit I get them into, it also sets up for more fun in AG7.

I'm currently writing a weird west gamelit book. It's been interesting. I had posted a preview of it on Patreon awhile ago, and it got a lot of attention, so I wrote it here instead of RQ2. The character there isn't a gunslinger, so it's been a fun time trying to get into the feel of the west and not make everything a shootout.

Once I finish with the Western, I'll be onto BW5. I'm really looking forward to seeing the next part of Sean's story being told. I think you all are as well considering how much love BW4 got. I expect to see even more love for it once Andie has the narration done.

Speaking of, Andie is starting on recording Binding Words 4: Forged Bonds starting on the 2nd. If you have time and want to hear the work that goes into the narration process, jump on her discord. Which means a May release is likely for the audio. Here's is the link to her discord.

I think that about wraps up all the need to know bits.
Patreon is getting preview of AG6 starting on the 2nd. So if you want a small dose of Alvin and Gothy goodness there is a way to get some.

Until next month, stay safe, and read books.
Daniel Schinhofen


  1. So finished Aethers Blessing in like a day. Book was great, Yuki and Gregs team vibe of them back to back against the world is effing awesome. Also hoping Bishop comes back. You built a nice air of mystery with her. As I read your books I look at the pages with trepidation knowing the joy will end and I have to wait for another release. Continue kicking ass I dig your style brother

    1. Thank you, Unknown. I really had fun with the book, and am already looking forward to writing the next book.

    2. Lol names Andy I have posted before but then how can you know that if I don't tag my name correctly. Eh details are for snipers I'm more of a shotgun kind of guy

  2. This is Andy again currently between books so decided to read AG all over again, just wanted to say Al's asshole attitude is fuckin great he is one of my all time favorite characters ever

    1. Thank you. I wanted an anti-hero feel for him

    2. So as I'm rereading AG I got to wondering if you ever planned on having Alvin interact with other players again or with the viewers, I imagine him and Gothy would gain a cult following, much like their books also jarvis needs a companion I feel kinda bad for him just chilling as Alvin and company get their lovin on lol

  3. Aether's blessing was awesome! Really looking forward to book 2. Thank you :)