Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Janurary 2020

Holy hell it's 2020. I want to make a joke about looking back on this year in 2021 with perfect vision, but, that seems to easy.

Okay let's get going, with the news of the month. First off there will be a sale on the Binding Words series. It's for US and UK the only two places they let me do sales.
BW1- Jan 6 to Jan 9, the price goes up each day, so jump on it early.
BW2- Jan 9 to Jan 12, same deal price slowly climbs back to normal.
BW3- Jan 12 to Jan 16, same as above.
The sale is because BW4 is coming out mid month. It's slated for Jan 20, but if things go real smooth I might, maybe, perhaps, be able to get it out a few days ahead of that.

In Audio news NPC's Lives will be coming out on Jan 28th. Peter Berkrot does the narration for this book as all the short stories are in Alpha World. I can't thank Peter enough for the hard work and heart he put into Alpha World for me.

For those wondering about audio for BW4, Andie is the one who will be recording it. She'll likely be starting it late Jan to early February which means it'll possibly be out in April sometime, or May.

I've heard that Resurrection Quest audio will be either late February or in March, but that's not set firmly yet. Audio for the series is being done by Travis Baldree, who does the audio for Will Wright's Cradle series.
Audio for AG5 is with Tess, I hope to have it out as soon as I can, likely sometime in February or March as well. I can't thank her enough for all she's done to keep the audio for this series going.

Okay that covers all the audio what else is there...
Oh Patreon is getting a slight overhaul this year. The higher tiers will be getting extra chapters, The switch will be mid month when I switch from preview chapters of BW4 to preview chapters of AR1.

AR1 you ask? Aether's Revival it's the series name for my magic academy-cultivation series. The first book is Aether's Blessing. It's currently looking at a March release. Audio is going to be in the hands of the amazing and talented Andrea Parsneau, but will run later as she'll be doing audio for the Wandering Inn 2 when the ebook goes live. I'm more then willing to wait though, as Andie is worth the wait.

As for what I'm currently writing, it's AG6. I jumped to it a book early, as I need to split AG and BW apart so they don't come out back to back. I'll hopefully be finishing up AG6 this month and starting on my next book which will be RQ2. I'm giving RQ a second book to see if it can help the series come up, or if I need to set the series aside and write it maybe 1 book a year to 2 years. I really don't want to do that but I can't have failing books in a set rotation. After that I'll be writing BW5, and then hopefully if you all enjoyed and supported it Aether's Revival 2.

I think that about covers everything I had to talk about.
Let me thank everyone who has been following me and supporting me. It's the start of a brand new year, and I'm still humbled that I'm able to follow my dream, because of all of you. I hope this year is better then last year for all of you.

Respectfully humbled,
Daniel Schinhofen


  1. Revival Quest was different, but in a good way! Looking forward to everything you have coming out! Keep up the great work sirrah!

    1. Thank you Alex. I just hope others will find RQ enjoyable, so I can keep writing the series.

  2. The anticipation is killing me, BW4 can't get here fast enough. I NEED to know whats going to happen. Also, settle a nerd bet I've posed the question to a few others and got decent guesses. What was Sean's occupation before his chest was caved in.

    1. It was answered in book 3. He was a mechanic.

    2. Was it I must have missed it somehow, I've only read\listened to it about 3 times.

    3. When he talks to the smiths for the first time and they ask if he's a smith, he thinks "I doubt they would take working on cars as smithing" or something to that effect.

  3. I enjoy AG more than any other series out there. I have two "Stop what you are currently reading, read the latest offering, go back to what you were reading". Those two are "Apocalypse Gates" and Without Law", but between those AG wins hands down. There just something about the reluctant, what's in it for me?, hero that gets me. So if you wanted to increase the rotation of AG and give us more of "Team Asshole", I for one vote "Yes, Please".

  4. Just finished BW4, it was great cant w8 for the next. Im also a big fan of AG and Alpha World love them both. I really enjoy how you manage to get a snapshot of everyday life with the heroes, its not just one action sequence after another I really enjoy that. Harem elements are great but i enjoy smaller harems, like in Alpha world where there is strong character development. Just wanted to let you know that the 7 or more harems are kind of tedious and favorite or interesting characters seem to get lost

    1. It's understandable, the more characters in play the harder it is for each of them shine.
      Binding Words is going to be a large harem, it was always set out to go in that direction.

    2. Yeah I get it, It works well with BW, especially the character dynamic, Sean is this paragon of power and what's right in a world where many are abused. It makes sense, even with AG, the pace you have developed could lead to a larger Harem, I liked how Alan was not perceived as good looking in the begining and how he has a devil may care attitude towards others. He is infact my favorite of all your characters. I was meaning for future books I liked AW dynamic of a small close knit harem vs the world. I also enjoy how you have male characters many harem writers focus so much on females that the MC is the only male. I enjoy your work and how you steer clear of most of the harem tropes

  5. When will AG6 be released? Broad guess is ok. I'm not a fan of the sex but the story is pretty awesome. Thanks for your work.