Wednesday, September 1, 2021

September 2021

 It's September.

Let's start off with news. Aether's Revival 4: Aether's Apprentices is out. It was just published, so here is the link.

We pick back up with the growth of the clan. The novices; Daciana, Nessa, and Victoria, have just joined as have a couple of friendly apprentices; Clover and Ling. The winter solstice is fast approaching as well as the Empire's Gambit tournament.

I was typing up this post when BW6 hit the shelf, talk about good timing for once. They actually turned this book around in about a week. Thank yuo, for once, ACX and Audible.

As for current project well I'm still writing DW2. I'll have my laptop with me so I can sneak in some writing while at the con, and beyond. Beyond you ask? Yes beyond, the day the con ends I'll be taking my long delayed research trip for AG8. It's all booked and planned out so I'll be touring the places I want to hit for the book. If I'm really lucky I'll finish DW2 while doing that and can launch straight into AG8. But time will tell.

That's basically everything for this month. The live chat will be an odd one as I'll be traveling, not sure how I'm going to swing that yet, so stay tuned to the social media to hear more. 

For those wondering about Patron, when this is published on the 1st the chapters for AR4 will have been yanked already. But that means on the 2nd the preview chapters for DW2 will be starting up. So if it's that Pawly action you've been looking forward to, it'll be here shortly.

If you are at DragonCon, and want to meet up, the easiest way to do that is to use Twitter, Facebook messenger, or discord messenger to tag me. I'll do my best to meet up with people who want to meet. I'll be busy at times, but more than willing to try to arrange things.

Until next month, stay safe.

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  1. So cool two things that I was really looking forward to! THANKS.
    Have fun at DragonCon and good luck with your research trip.

  2. Really enjoyed the new book, will be interesting to see where the story heads to next. With this one done it'll be time for me to start itching to get the next DW book and next audiobook. All the best for your trip.

  3. Love all your books. Been looking forward to AG8 forever so good that is coming to fruition. Loved the beginning of DW2 and just finished reading AR4. You are my most favorite author of all times. Keep up all the great and varied stories!!!

  4. This is a concept that I think you could use to make a decent book. Please keep in mind that this is not polished at all just basically wird vomit but I think it gets the point across. The MC is a newly summoned god to a new-ish world that was formed from a collision of a number of advanced and powerful worlds. The main character is the first and currently only deity on this world and has a game lit style HUD and possibly a progression system. When the MC arrives, he is put in a tutorial, but partway through it glitches and doesn't manage to impose the rules and restrictions that it normally does in order to keep planetary gods from rising above their imposed limits. As the MC grows and advances he encounters the remnants of the fallen and forgotten civilizations and learns the circumstances behind the collision of all those worlds. Other inhabited worlds have their own pantheons and can communicate with each other and have a limited capability to travel between worlds, one of the things the MC is not limited in. He is, because of the glitch, far more powerful than all but the oldest gods and as a result, has room to be far more compassionate than the other gods. One of the only things that the tutorial successfully managed to convey beyond the basic information on where he is and the fact that he has a HUD is the need to build his pantheon. This freedom would, of course, come with the downside of the MC having little to no knowledge of what he is capable of. Writing is hard.

    1. And apparently auto correct decided to take a day off as well.

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